UMT Activation

UMT Dongle Activation Renewal

1 Year UMT Activation Online Service - Activate UMT Dongle/UMT Pro


UMT Dongle Not Working?

The UMT Dongle comes with a 1-year Activation,

 Your UMT Dongle / UMT Pro / UMT Box 1-year activation plan has expired, which means you need to reactivate it to run UMT Setups.

Using UMT Dongle: How to Get Started

UMT Dongle is a powerful tool for flashing, unlocking, and servicing many mobile phones.

The tool is the perfect fit for your needs.

After UMT Dongle activation, you will be able to use all the features and setups of the tool that you were using before.

How to Activate UMT Dongle 1 Year Activation?


It is easy to activate UMT Dongle.

    • Make sure your antivirus is turned off.
    • Download and open the UMT Card Manager Click On Get Card Info
    • Copy your UMT Box-Dongle Serial Number and fill In the Order Details.

After successful payment, your UMT dongle activation will be completed within 30 minutes to 6 hours.

(Usually takes 20 minutes during working hours)

Note: Please always provide the correct 12-digit UMT serial number.

Example: UMT123456789 ✔️

Only place an order when your UMT 1-year activation support has expired.

UMT Dongle Activation Price: Affordable Price for All Users

UMT Dongle 1 Year Activation Price $27.95/-

For UMT / UMT Pro / UMT Box

(No Extra Charges)

How to Pay For UMT Dongle Activation?

Easily make payments from anywhere in the world using either your debit or credit card via secure PayPal processing or cryptocurrency. The payment process is simple and secure.

That’s it…

UMT 1 Year Activation Renewal


$ 27.95 / year
  • UMT Dongle
  • UMT Pro Dongle
  • UMT Box

How to check UMT Dongle Activation status?

Please wait for the given time after ordering.
Then open the UMT Card Manager

Do not update the Card counter before the UMT Tool Activation renewal is completed successfully.

Click On Get Card Info

If status Show > Card state Active

This means that your UMT Card has been Activated.✔️

You can update the Card Counter once the UMT card activation is Completed, and update the Card firmware to use UMT Setups software tools.

UMT Dongle Renewal: Common Issues and How to Solve Them

You will also get UMT Dongle Renewal status confirmation Via Email Or WhatsApp.

If You Update the Card counter more than 3 times, you are not allowed 48 hours to update the card counter You will get an exceeded error. In this case, UMT recharge And umt pro recharge will take more time from the UMT server.


So It’s better To check the UMT Activation & UMT Pro Activation status After a Confirmation Email or WhatsApp Message.

Frequently Asked Questions

UMT Dongle Activation extends software access for users who have owned UMT Dongle or UMT Box for over a year. Enjoy ongoing updates and improved features.

Your activation will be completed within 30 minutes to 6 hours. You’ll also receive a confirmation email and WhatsApp message.

Open UMT card manager Click On Get Card Info
In the card State, you can check the details.